Saturday, November 26, 2016

RE: Dawn

Hope you are going okay Joo. Dawn and Rusty are in a safe place. Love and miss you and stay strong!


Saturday, July 9, 2016


Dawn passed away on the 8th of July 2016. I would do anything in the world to see her again so that I can give her a proper goodbye. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yeah I've thought about this before as well. But I don't think two people can ever completely know each other. And I think that's okay. We share what we want to share with each other and support each other anyway. :D P.S. I don't think I know what my favourite flower is (thinking emoji) 

Wow I actually found this while scrolling through my old tumblr posts. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

from 2016

Hello dear hobos,

I am very thankful for how technology has advanced - how I am able to look back at our high-school days so conveniently and reminiscence. It has been 6 years since we started the blog - 6 good and long years that have passed. 
In the 6 years, we grew physically, emotionally and spiritually (not all three applies to the four of us - definitely for me.. I reckon). I live in London now and we could go on for weeks or months without saying a word to each other, but the best part? Every time we meet again (well, at least with Joo and Shan), nothing changes (except for the content of our conversations, and perhaps the physical environment of One Utama a.k.a our favourite hang out spot). 
But it is odd, I feel that we could go on for weeks and months, not speaking to each other yet call ourselves #squadgoals. I've had plenty of me-time recently; which I spent thinking a lot about my hopes and dreams, my relationships with people and the rest of the time was spent on cracking my head on whether or not I agree with the orthodox argument that the Soviet's aggression resulted in the Cold War, or even if the Cold War was actually a "thing". 
I shall not stray off into a rant about the Cold War (which I am sure neither of you would appreciate). So, I have had plenty of time recently to think about my relationships with people, and especially you my dear Joo and Shan. I feel that I don't know you as well as I thought I did. 
Sure, I know Joo's favourite flowers are not orchids, and Li Shan is not a huge fan of red velvet cake unless it is from one particular store which I do not recall; but there's so much more that I don't know about both of you. And there are secrets that I have kept with myself for years we have been so-called "best friends". 

I am just questioning what it means to be a "best friend" and I am looking to be enlightened soon. 
I love you both nonetheless; and Li Ying if you are reading this: we should catch up. 

All my love,
Suet Wei (Sohobo) (or since recently: Zoe) 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Hello :-)

Hello there! 

Just had a five hour skype sesh with pui and haoyi and somehow this blog came up. 

It's so nice how we can look back at conversations we had in the chatbox from like 2009. 

Miss you all very much 
See you guys soon! :) <3 font="">

Love, Mohobo 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Long time no blog

Hello Hobo Blog,

I am on one of my many late nights doing assignments again.

I've been watching loads of old Disney stuff recently haha. Okay honestly I watch old Disney stuff almost all the time. Anyway, recently I've watched the Lizzie Mcguire movie and a bit of Hannah Montana. Then I listened to some Hilary Duff, and of course the Hannah Montana movie soundtrack. I remembered watching the movie with Elizabeth and Adriana back in primary school. Good times. 

Anywaay, how have you guys been? My nails are so long, this is kinda hard to type. 

I went for Buble again. That was pretty darn amazing. :)

Listening to the Last Song soundtrack. Omg these nicholas sparks movies give me such feeeels. Because back in form 4 or form 3, during one of the sem breaks, I borrowed a few nicholas sparks movies from Nisa. And idk the soundtrack for all the movies are pretty darn good. 

Hope you lovelies are doing well :) I thank the heavens above that I'm still close to all three of you and can pretty much talk to you guys about anything if I wanted to. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

dear hobos

It has been a very long time since this site has been updated. Looking back, spending time with the 3 of you in Wesley was one of my most fond high school memories - we even had a ho-box where we put in little gifts and notes for each other and passed it on. There was one occasion when I bought matching pencil boxes for all of us from S&J! And Li Ying would put in nice candies! Ah, lower secondary, how much I miss those times.
 The story of how we became 'hobos' still is a bit vague to me, but I think Li Shan started it when she started to call Joo a hobo probably because she was caught in the barbaric act of being ... barbaric. (as usual, I kid! ^^v) That didn't really explain much but whatever, no one is reading this anyway! (i think) (unless I become super duper famous and people start googling for my name and come across this dusty-forgotten blog that includes "exclusive" info about my younger more immature days. If you are my future fan reading this, be good and stay in school!) (but if you are Joo (the most likely person to visit this blog), I'm sorry I called you barbaric ^) So, it's 2015 now, and we are all turning 19 - Li Shan first! How exciting, we've already reach such an exciting age of 18, but I doubt any of us are in to the alcohol part etc... but why then do I say it is an exciting age? Well,

I guess we're old enough to visit the Egyptian pyramids for real now!
 Li Ying, I'm sorry that we grew so apart. I honestly have no idea what on earth is going on in your life, where you're studying, what you're doing and what you're hoping to pursue - but I hope with all my heart that you'll do amazingly well, just as always! I guess Egypt won't be possible for the 4 of us, but who knows what the future might hold!

 By the way, happy early 19th birthday Lohobo!
 All my love, sohobo